Prepare Your Car for the Summer

Summer’s in full swing here in Florida, and as a Floridian you know what that means!

The hot Florida sun.
Love bugs.
Sudden thunderstorms.
Sand (everywhere).
Crowded parking lots.
Lawn care.
And a whole lotta other things.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to prepare your car for the summer? (Trick question, there is.)

Two words: Ceramic coating.

A ceramic coating is like a thin candy shell for your car, if thin candy coatings were designed to protect and enhance the look of your car. Our XPEL ceramic coatings are water and oil repellant- no more worrying about hard water, tree sap, oil and grime!

Tired of detailing your car to get that showroom shine? One layer of our ceramic coat adds unparalleled amounts of depth and clarity to your paint, keeping it show ready even at home.

On it’s own, our ceramic coat protects your car and gives it an easy to clean finish. Apply a layer of ceramic over paint protection film, and you’ve got the highest level of protection for your car. No bumps, nicks, splashes, droplets- nothing.

Interested in ceramic coating? Let us know! We can offer pricing quotes over the phone, or online!