“What is it?” “What did you do to it?”

“What is it?”
“What did you do to it?”
“Did it come like that?”

This is a 2020 AMG GT-R. This is a beefier version of Mercedes’ AMG GT coupe. It’s fast. It’s stylish. It’s what your dad was talking about when he said “No, that’s too much car for you.”
This specific GT-R came to us bone stock and gloss black. Obviously, things have changed since then.

We started by tinting the car with XPEL PRIME XR, then prepped it for wrap by de-badging, washing and clay bar. We used a beautiful Frosty Matte Blue from Avery Dennison to cover every panel, leaving the gloss black in some trim areas as requested by the customer, then Bossman himself cut and added the black decals on the side by hand. Badges go back on, and so does a layer of XPEL FUSION Ceramic coat to keep the car safe and to protect the natural luster of the vinyl. To top things off, we spaced the wheels just a little with a set of H&R TRAK+ Spacers to give a little more of an aggressive stance to this already aggressive car. Voila.

Your car is an extension of you. Express yourself. Whether it’s a color change, window tint or just a nice buff and polish, let us help you do you.

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