Paint Protection Film

PPF, clear shield, clear bra, ding shield- whatever you want to call it.

Paint is easily the most vulnerable part of any automobile. Exposed constantly to the elements, most of the time at high speeds, it’s no wonder that people are so particular about it. For anyone who wants to keep their car’s paint in pristine condition, we’ve got answers.

What is Paint Protection Film?

Paint Protection Film (or PPF for short) is a thin urethane layer that sticks to your car like a second skin. The film is stuck using a specially formulated adhesive that lets it adhere to the car without damaging any paint. PPF was developed to brush off the every day perils that the road has to offer. We are proud authorized installers of XPEL automotive films.

What does it do?

Paint protection film does exactly as the name says- protect the paint.

PPF was designed to stand up to chips, scrapes, stains and everything in between. Paint chips are a thing of the past when you’ve got an impact resistant layer of paint protection between your car and the road.

The film’s self healing properties will make scratches disappear on their own. Using a little heat, the film will restore to it’s original state- a couple hours in the sun will remove any light imperfections in the film, reverting the car’s original luster with no effort.

Keep your car as brilliant as the day you bought it. The XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS line has a high gloss finish, keeping your car’s showroom shine- even on the road. Our PPF is also oil and water resistant, protecting your paint from the dangers of acid rain, hard water, tree sap, bugs and more.


XPEL STEALTH is a matte paint protection film designed to provide coverage that is as resilient as it is stylish.

Protect your gorgeous satin paint job without losing that unique finish, or transform your gloss paint into something sleeker. All the protection of the XPEL ULTIMATE line of paint protection film, but with a satin twist.