Window Tint

Why Should I Get My Car Tinted?

There are lots of reasons to get your car tinted.

Tint keeps light out. Period. It’s that simple. But people often overlook the benefits to keeping those rays out of your car. It keeps your dash from cracking and melting. Your nice leather seats? Tint helps ensure that the leather keeps from drying out and cracking by stopping harmful UV rays from entering your car, and keeping the inside of your car nice and cool. Having tinted windows also means you have more privacy. More privacy helps keep car thieves and window-shopping burglars at bay.

It also adds to your car aesthetically. Window tint does wonders for any vehicle when it comes to being visually appealing. Don’t want to darken your windows, but still want the UV protection? No problem- tint is available in various shades, from “barely there” to presidential, and all shades provide the same UVA/UVB protection, keeping harmful rays out of your vehicle.